Skin Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time, wherein a woman’s body undergoes a lot of hormonal changes. It is a time when a woman’s skin is affected the most especially when she has had breakouts of acne before pregnancy. It is therefore important that one be prepared to take care of their skin in the right way.

One cannot continue using the same creams that one used before they became pregnant, as it may cause the baby a lot of harm. These creams may contain some chemicals or elements that can harm the unborn fetus, therefore doctors advise against the use of these creams.

One needs to ask their doctor about special skin creams that one can use during pregnancy.

Here are some tips that you may find helpful.

Drinking lot of water helps the skin stay supple and stretch easily.

If areas around the stretch marks are itchy, then rub some moisturizing cream.

Getting plenty of sleep will help your skin look fresh and glowing.

Use sunscreen regularly, as the skin is more prone to go red and get tanned during pregnancy.

It is important that you clean your face and neck regularly as clogged pores lead to pimples quickly.

Moisturize your skin everyday. A good moisturizer will help your skin stay soft and supple.

A facial once a month helps the skin stay fresh and soft.

Long baths tend to dehydrate your skin. So have a quick bath in order to keep your skin wrinkle free.

Take care of the skin on your feet, as they are the worst affected. They tend to get swollen and the skin tends to dry very quickly. Massage your feet with a good cream and also soak your feet in lukewarm water at the end of the day.

Every pregnant mother has a beautiful glow on her face. It is the joy of nurturing a baby within. Taking care of your skin, which supports you in carrying the baby, further enhances the glow.