Nausea During Pregnancy Is A Good Sign

When pregnant, many women go through this overwhelming problem of nausea. According to research, having nausea is a good sign because it ensures that the lady will have a full term pregnancy. Feeling wonderful during pregnancy are actually signs of worry as such pregnancies often end up in miscarriage.

Therefore, women suffering from nausea do not be dismayed, as having nausea is a very good sign.

Also, nausea happens most in the morning, as this is the time when the body has very low blood pressure. The low pressure is because the body has undergone an 8 hour fast.

A woman can avoid this wave of nausea by eating light snacks during the night. Frequency to wake up many times during the night is very high in the earlier stages of pregnancy as the pregnant woman has a high urge to urinate frequently many times at night.

Also, eating a snack in the bed itself when one wakes up, greatly helps prevent nausea. What you eat when you wake up first in the morning will determine how your entire day goes by.

Eating protein rich food every tow hours will help prevent nausea. Even if you don’t feel like, make sure you eat snacks that do not bring rapid change in sugar levels.

It is important to keep oneself hydrated during pregnancy; however, water tends to trigger nausea in many women. As a result of which many avoid drinking water, this is a very dangerous thing to do. One can hydrate their body in different ways by taking in lot of fruit juices, tea, milk etc.

Also, a ten-minute exercise can prove to be very useful.

Keep these points in mind and have a safe and wonderful pregnancy.