Fear Of Pregnancy

Many women suffer from the fear of pregnancy. The very thought of getting pregnant scares them. For some as the due date to deliver nears, panic attacks begin to happen. The whole concept of delivering a child makes them a nervous wreck, such women may love children and babies, but giving birth to their own baby make them feel very nervous.


Traumatic Experience:

Some women fear pregnancy, if their last pregnancy turned out to be a very traumatic experience.

Seeing someone close suffer:

If a woman has seen a friend or a relative going through a very traumatic experience with pregnancy then she would fear the very concept of pregnancy.

Child Rearing:

For some women, child rearing may cause shivers to run down their spine. If the woman has noticed her close friends or relatives staying awake long nights nursing babies, running to doctors, teaching children, keeping aside their needs and wants, then she may fear having children.

Lack Of Support From Spouse:

A woman may also fear pregnancy if she is not receiving the required support from her spouse. Working hard to feed her self may cause her to fear having another mouth to feed. If the husband refuses to take care of her and her child properly, then she would fear having a baby, as she may fear that the child would not be brought up in the right environment.

Other Responsibilities:

If the woman is caught up with major responsibilities like a contract signed with a company where she is required not to get pregnant for a particular period of time, then she would fear pregnancy.

Certain experiences and situations create such type of thinking. Changing the way you think may cause you to overcome this way of thinking.