Dealing With Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for a woman, with the many joys that accompany pregnancy there are some woes too that sprout its ugly head up.

Some of the many woes that women face are

Swollen Feet: During pregnancy there is lot of fluid retention and a woman’s feet gets twice its size. Due to this the woman may find it very difficult to walk or stand. Moreover, dryness of the skin of the feet may lead to itchiness.

Here are some tips on what women should do to help deal with swollen feet.

1) Make sure that you rest on the left side, rather than lying on your back.
2) Put your feet up as much as possible.
3) Get your feet massaged often.
4) When you are sitting idle, do some feet exercise of rotating your ankles, wriggling your toes, and flexing your feet when sitting.
5) If you find yourself in a situation where you are required to sit for long, then make sure you get up in between and take a short walk.
6) Do not lie down for a very long time.
7) Support stockings prevent fluid from accumulating in your feet, so wear them before going to bed.
8) Do not wear tight shoes that worsen the swelling.
9) Do not stand for long.

Keep these points in mind if you happen to suffer from swollen feet as they may prove to be very useful.