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Options for Terminating a Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy can change lives. Many women facing an unplanned pregnancy may want to consider terminating the pregnancy. There are two medical options for […]

Best Pregnancy Tester

Taking a pregnancy test is always stressful no matter whether you are dreading pregnancy or you are eager to become pregnant. You will be anticipating […]

What You Need to Know About Birth Control Pills and Pregnancy

Contraceptive pills are used by many women, one of the easiest and best ways to prevent pregnancy.., Before taking these pills, it is important for […]

What measures can be followed to prevent teen pregnancy?

Adolescent pregnancy Parents can prevent teenage pregnancy by involving themselves in the lives of their teen. Spend some time with them. Talk to them about […]

How to Cope with an Unplanned or Unexpected Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very crucial and emotional time in the life of any woman and if it is an unexpected pregnancy, then things become even […]

Facts of Pregnancy Loss

A miscarriage, which can be referred to as pregnancy loss, occurs when the fetus in the womb fails to survive.  Here are some important things […]

Physical Side Effects

Having an abortion is a difficult decision for any individual.  Someone who has had an abortion will experience a number of physical and emotional side […]

What are Pregnancy Disorders?

Pregnant women run the risk of some disorders that could affect their health as well as their baby’s health. Although such cases are difficult to […]

What are Paternity Tests?

Generally, a paternity test is conducted to prove paternity—whether a man is the biological father of another individual. This may be relevant in view of […]

Teenage Pregnancy and Its Complications

If you’re young with a bright future ahead, pregnancy may divert you from some of your future plans. The stress of being pregnant and revealing […]