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Coping With Mood Swings during Pregnancy

It is very common to experience mood swings in the first trimester of pregnancy, when there are a lot of changes in the hormone levels […]

What is Gestational Age?

The age of the fetus or the embryo is called the gestational age. It is calculated by counting from the first day of the pregnant […]

Relationships During Pregnancy – Tips to Resolve Relationship Problems

There are many marital problems during pregnancy. These occur as a result of a lack of understanding between the couple.  Sometimes even the best of […]

Problems in Relationships During Pregnancy

Even the most happily married couples have to undergo a certain amount of stress during pregnancy. There can be small and common problems in relationships […]

Preparing for Twins, Triplets, or more

Start as soon as Possible! You may very well have less time to plan, since it is common that mothers of multiples to deliver 1 […]

Depression due to Infertility

Infertility is a complex and frustrating issue.  Many couples struggling with infertility may find themselves battling depression.  Depression can have serious physical as well as […]

Getting Pregnant: Ways to Increase Your Fertility

So you and your partner have decided to have a baby! That’s wonderful!  For some couples, conceiving is very easy, and happens the first or […]

Fetal development in the 15th Week

When the fetus is in the 15th week that is in the second trimester, the fetus undergoes lots of changes. Your baby is very very […]

What Is Hysterical Pregnancy?

Hysterical pregnancy is also called pseudocyesis, imaginary pregnancy, phantom pregnancy, or spurious pregnancy. This is not a real pregnancy, but all the symptoms of a […]

Week by Week Changes in the Seventh Month

The seventh month is the most crucial period for the baby as the development of the brain takes place. There is only three months left […]