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Toxoplasmosis and Pregnancy – An Overview Toxoplasmosis and Pregnancy – An Overview

Toxoplasmosis is an infection that occurs from an infestation of a microscopic parasite called Toxoplasmagondii. In an adult with a healthy immune system this infection […]

The Mysterious Vanishing Twin Syndrome! The Mysterious Vanishing Twin Syndrome!

Vanishing twin syndrome sounds really strange, but it was formally recognized in the year 1945. This is a syndrome that occurs when one of a […]

Top 8 Reasons for Miscarriage

Most of the time it is not possible to know why a miscarriage occurs. However, it is important to remember that even women who have […]

Dietary Precautions During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman has to be extra careful and safe in her food choices, not only for her health but also for the health […]

Tubal Pregnancy Symptoms

Tubal pregnancy is also called an ectopic pregnancy. Normally in a pregnancy, the fertilized egg enters the fallopian tubes and then the uterus. The egg […]

What is a blighted ovum?

A blighted ovum occurs when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall, but embryo formation does not take place. It is also called as […]

What is Cholestasis in Pregnancy?

Cholestasis is a common liver disorder that occurs in pregnancy when the normal flow of bile is affected in the gallbladder due to very high […]

Risk Factors for Depression During Pregnancy

Depression and anxiety can often go undiagnosed, as a woman is not always able to detect the signs and symptoms. There are some risk factors […]

Teenage Pregnancy Health Risks

Teenage pregnancy is often considered to be unsafe both for the mother and the baby. There are many health risks associated with teenage pregnancy that […]

Heart palpitation causes in Pregnancy

Heart palpitations are when the heart beats strongly at an abnormally rapid speed. Heart palpitation causes are many in number and some of the reasons […]