Are You Suffering From Itching During Pregnancy ?

Itching is a common occurrence during pregnancy, one of the many side effects, it can be very frustrating. This is because as the uterus stretches, the skin also expands and stretches. Wherever stretching happens, the skin tends to itch i.e. at the stomach, thighs etc. Also, change in liver enzymes and pregnancy hormones cause itching in the body.

Some women due to release of bile salts from the liver tend to experience extreme itching at the soles of their feet and palms of their hands.

Tips On How To Relieve Itching

1) First and foremost avoid itchy situations like dry baths and hot showers.
2) Rub plenty of moisturizer on the dried skin.
3) A mild soap can also help prevent the skin from going very dry.
4) Apply the moisturizer, immediately after you come out of the bath, when the skin is still wet. Applying it on dry skin will not help the skin absorb much moisture.
5) Apply heavy moisturizer like cocoa butter on the abdomen, it helps prevent stretch marks and relieves itching greatly.
6) Most importantly avoid scratching the rashes.
7) Bathing in oatmeal soap and oil also proves to be very useful.
8) Avoid wearing synthetic clothes and under garments and wear more of cotton.
9) If you tend to suffer from prickly heat, apply some talcum powder on the affected area.
10) Avoid wearing tight clothes, as it tends to cut off air supply and worsens the itching.

If the itching still does not stop contact your doctor immediately. Keep these points in mind, and have a trouble free pregnancy.