Top 8 Benefits of Water Births

Most pregnant women are seeking the best options for giving birth. Giving birth in water is a great option that includes pain relief and decreased tearing of the vagina. In the past, women were told to avoid tub baths during labor or not to take a bath in the pregnancy to avoid water breaks. But today, the benefits of water births are known to many women. Read on to find out some of the advantages of water births.

Water Births Benefits

Here are some of the advantages of water births:

  • Pain relief is the main advantage, and some women have even compared water birth to the relaxing effects of narcotics. Water blocks the pain impulses of the nerves in the body. It produces pain relieving endorphins.
  • Water aids in relaxation, and relaxation plays a vital role for the progress of labor. Relaxing through the contractions is very effective.
  • Water reduces the gravitational pull of the baby towards the back of the mother and reduces back pain during labor.
  • Tearing of the vagina is also reduced. The water softens the perineal tissues by making them supple and stretchable to help in accommodating the baby’s head.
  • It also reduces the abdominal pressure caused by the baby moving through the pelvis, which increases the pressure. But the natural buoyancy in the water relieves this pressure.
  • It also reduces the amount of anxiety and stress that you have and gives you confidence in giving birth.
  • Water birth can be combined with other forms of pain relief, including massage, aromatherapy, and acupressure.
  • The pool is a quiet and peaceful place, which will give you a feeling of safety and security while in labor.

These are some of the benefits of water births.

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