Pregnancy Foot Pain – Tips to Prevent!

Pregnancy foot pain

is a common sign of pregnancy that occurs due to an increased growth of the baby, which increases the size of the uterus. Sometimes, it can be really severe and cannot be tolerated. Most women have mild to moderate forms of foot pain during pregnancy. However, you need not worry as there are certain tips to prevent or treat your pregnancy foot pain. So, read onto know some of the tips to prevent foot pain during pregnancy.

Foot Pain During Pregnancy – Tips to Prevent!

Here are some of the simple yet effective tips for preventing foot pain during pregnancy:

  • Do not stand for a long period and avoid walking barefoot for a long time as well. Take short breaks and sit down or if possible elevate your both the feet.
  • Loose ligaments, extra weight, and decreased balance – all requires extra support. So, all you need to do is wear properly fitted shoes and use over-the-counter arch supports. This is an excellent way to start and if you still have problems, then see a podiatrist.
  • Do not even stand still for a long time. Walk for some time and take rest. Walking will ensure that it pumps the extra fluid out of your feet and legs. Make sure that you rest frequently.
  • You can wear compression stockings that would decrease the swelling. Use knee-high stockings that are good. You can also use thigh-high stockings as well. This ensures that extra fluid does not collect around your knees or feet.
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day. Avoid the use of salts in your daily food as this increases the fluid retention.
  • Swim for some time or take bath; the water apples an outside pressure on the feet that has swelling. This helps in reducing the swelling.
  • Another excellent way is to rest on your left side as this decreases the pressure on blood vessels, which allows more fluid to move from your legs to the upper body.

These are some of the tips to prevent pregnancy foot pain. I hope that if you are pregnant and one among who is suffering from foot pain, then follow the above tips to have a painless and happy pregnancy.

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