Shoulder Pain During Pregnancy – Preventive Tips!

Shoulder pain during pregnancy is a common symptom.  It occurs because the body is undergoing tremendous changes. Some other causes of shoulder pain are emotional and physical stress.  This article will teach you how to prevent shoulder pain during pregnancy.
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Causes of Shoulder Pain during Pregnancy

  • Stress:

Stress plays a major role in shoulder pain. When you are under pressure, the shoulders are often the first area to feel sore.

  • Breast Changes:

Breast enlargement is another common symptom of pregnancy. Breast weight increases significantly. This weight gain must be carried by the shoulders and chest. This can lead to tension in the shoulders, which can give rise to pain and soreness.

  • Poor Posture:

Rounded shoulders and slouching can contribute to shoulder pain. Be aware of your posture during pregnancy. You may find that the extra weight can pull your forward. So, be aware of  posture and use the correct posture while sitting, walking, standing, and sleeping.

Shoulder Pain and Pregnancy – Tips to Prevent it!

Here are some of the tips to prevent shoulder pain during pregnancy:

  • Wear a good, supportive bra as this is the cheapest and best way to prevent pain in the shoulder.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Get regular massages, but be sure that you get your massage done by an expert.
  • Practice good posture while sitting, sleeping, standing, and walking. When you try to lift anything, use the correct posture.
  • Take your calcium tablets regularly. Eat foods that are rich in magnesium and calcium in your diet.
  • Practice relaxation techniques or pregnancy pain relief methods.
  • Practice prenatal yoga and stress relieving techniques.
  • Use a hot or cold compress at the pain site.
  • Use a pain killer if the pain is too much after consulting your doctor.
  • The pain is getting worse.
  • The pain is very intense.
  • The pain is experienced with bleeding or spotting.

Call your Doctor if:

These are some tips to prevent shoulder pain during pregnancy. These tips should come in handy for a painless and healthy pregnancy.

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