Pregnancy Foot Pain: Causes

The last thing that most pregnant women think about is their feet. But the fact is that pregnancy can cause lot of problems that can affect both your legs and feet.
Pregnancy foot pain has many causes. However, you need not worry as there are many ways to prevent foot problems during pregnancy. In this article you will learn some of the causes of foot pain in pregnancy so read on.

Foot Pain during Pregnancy – What are the Causes?

Here are some of the causes of foot pain during pregnancy:

Hormonal Changes:

Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy area common problem  causing pain in the feet. These hormones relax the ligaments of the feet and that leads to over-pronation and flat feet. These loose ligaments can also be one of the causes of an increase in the size of foot wear. You may have to start wearing a larger size of foot wear until you give birth.

The Growing Baby and the Uterus:

As the baby grows in your womb, the uterus also enlarges, which in turn contributes to weight gain. This puts an extra stress on the feet, especially the arches. It is not very common for a pregnant woman to develop pain in the heel also called plantar fasciitis. This occurs due to increased weight gain and extra stress on the arches. The centre of gravity also shifts and the way you walk and stand can also get affected by the changes. This may cause problems with your balance.


This occurs due to the increased fluid collection in the tissues. Swelling in the feet during pregnancy is common. When there is swelling, your normal foot wear does not fit. If you continue wearing the shoes that you wore during your pre-pregnancy state, this can cause foot pain. Swelling can be another cause of  increased blood pressure. If the swelling is excessive, consult a doctor immediately before it becomes a  complication.

These are the three main causes of foot pain during pregnancy.

Now, that you know the causes of pain in the feet, all you need to do is exercise regularly and wear comfortable foot wear. This will ensure you have a painless and happy pregnancy.

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