Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy

Abdominal pain is the most common problem during pregnancy. This mainly occurs due to the round ligament pain. This is due to the changes that occur during pregnancy. Round ligament pain during pregnancy is a a kind of pain in the pelvic area that is caused due to stretching of these ligaments. Therefore, any significant or new pain must be reported to the doctor. Read onto know more about round ligament pain during pregnancy. Causes of Round Ligament Pain

This occurs commonly on the right side of the pelvis. Some of the causes are:

  • The uterus is normally the size of a pear. Thick ligament, called the round ligament holds the uterus in the abdomen during pregnancy. The uterus grows because of the growing fetus, which adds weight to these ligaments making it thin and long. This can cause stress to these ligaments.
  • These ligaments pull on the nerve fibers and the remaining sensitive structures that results in pain. The pain can be severe and it can be a cause of worry. Though it is uncomfortable, the pain is considered to be normal.

Characteristics of the Pain

Here are some of the significant characteristics of pain:

  • The pain is brought on by exercise.
  • This pain can awaken you during the night after you go deep into sleep.
  • Ligament spasm is an involuntary cramp or contraction that results in sharp pain. This kind of spastic pain is usually found on the right side because the uterus is turned to the right.

Other Causes

Pain that occurs as a result of uterine ligament stretching can be very severe and at times confused with other causes. Here are some of the other causes of round ligament pain:

  • The inflammation of the appendix that is located in your right side of your lower abdomen. This can cause nausea, fever, poor appetite, nausea, and as the inflammation increases, the pain also worsens. As your pregnancy progresses, pain can be felt on the upper abdomen due to the growing uterus.
  • Pain in the cysts or ovaries. The ovaries present in this particular area can twist or the cyst can rupture. This can cause sudden abdominal pain.
  • Abnormal growth in the abdominal region.
  • Cramps due to improper digestion caused during pregnancy. These usually happen in the cecum and ascending colon, which is located in the lower part of the abdomen.

When to Seek Medical Attention?

You must discuss the pain and other symptoms with the health care provider. The doctor will assess your condition and then provide you the emergency care.Here are some of the signs that you must assess for:

  • Difficulty in walking
  • Pain while urination
  • Fever and chills

When you observe these signs in your body or if you suffer from round ligament pain during pregnancy, then consult your doctor for immediate treatment.

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