Dangers of Teen Pregnancy

According to Save the Children, women below the age of 20 give birth to thirteen million children worldwide. The statistics in the United States have reported that teen births and abortion rates are 55.6 and 30.02, respectively, per thousand births. Teen pregnancy carries many dangers due to health risks of the mother and baby. Read on to learn more about some of the dangers of teen pregnancy.

Teenage Pregnancy – What are the Risks?

Here are some of the dangers of teen pregnancy:

  • Risk to Fetus

    A teen mom does not have the capacity to nourish the fetus . This is due to the low metabolic rate, which is seen especially among teen girls. This does pose a risk for giving birth to a premature baby. There are possibilities of a baby born with underdeveloped organs. Some of the other complications are excessive bleeding and the inability to bear the labor process.

  • Social Negligence

    Societal pressure is too much for the teen mom to handle. The World Health Organization (WHO) has conducted studies that reflect the socioeconomic disadvantages that are related to teen pregnancy. Some of the worst effects are lack of employment and education opportunities. This does hamper the psychological balance of the teen mom, which can lead to dangerous consequences. They are more susceptible to addictions and unhealthy habits and if she is breast feeding then nicotine and alcohol are passed on to the infant through the milk. This can put the infant’s life in danger.

  • Health Problems

    Teenage pregnancies pose serious health problems to both the mother and the baby. Lack of healthy diet and addictions can cause severe congenital defects in the baby. Medlineplus has stated that teens who consume alcohol during their pregnancy deliver babies with congenital defects like facial abnormalities, undeveloped bone structure, and mental retardation.

  • Emotional Consequences

    A teen mom undergoes a lot of stress after pregnancy. This can be physical, social, and emotional in nature. Though some mothers feel good about their motherhood, they do not have the required experience to rear the child. In some extreme cases, they even tend to commit suicide due to the pressure.

These are some of the dangers of teen pregnancy.

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