Maternity Belt – An Overview

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but along with the happiness and the excitement of approaching motherhood comes a certain amount of physical discomfort. As the uterus grows, your abdomen will also start to grow to accommodate the growing baby. This can lead to some physical discomfort like pains in the pelvic region and lower back. This happens because of the softening of ligaments and muscles as part of the preparation for the birthing process. There are some options available to women to reduce back pain, such as wearing a maternity belt for support and relief.

·               What is a Maternity Belt?

A maternity belt is an elasticated belt that is expandable and fits exactly to the size of the pregnant tummy. It is sold in different sizes: small, medium and large. Cotton is the material that is used to cover these belts due to its soft texture and the fact that it allows the skin to breathe and it feels comfortable in contact with the skin.

What are the Types of Maternity Belt?

A belt in its simplest form is worn under the tummy and around the back. However, some belts offer an extra band that extends up the belly and the back, too. Women who are active may also prefer belts that have extra support that are called belly bras. This type of maternity belt offers extra support for the lower back and the abdomen.

What is the Correct Fit?

When you purchase a belt, remember to get one that fits properly. It is important to choose the correct size as it may not be possible to return the belt. It must be based on the fullest portion of your tummy and you should measure your waist and hips in order to get a perfect fit. However, before purchasing any type of belt, do remember to talk about this option with your obstetrician. While these belts are intended to relieve discomfort and pain, you must make sure the level of discomfort signals a real need for a belt.

Use of Maternity Belts in the Post-natal Stage

Maternity belts can continue to support the abdomen even after giving birth. They continue to act by lifting the muscles of the abdomen as they begin to return to the normal or pre-pregnancy state. Performing abdominal exercises and wearing this belt are good steps towards helping to tone and flatten your tummy.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of a maternity belt why don’t you try one for yourself if your pregnancy is causing you serious abdominal discomfort and back pain.

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