Birthing Positions during Labor

The birthing positions that you choose for labor and birth are very important to your well-being.  They make you feel more comfortable during the birth process. Some positions also help to speed up the process of labor. If you practice them before labor, then it may help you become familiar and more comfortable. Walking in labor is a great way to help not only speed labor, but make you feel comfortable. Here are some of the comfortable birthing positions during labor.

Birthing Positions during Labor

The different birthing positions include:


Squatting is beneficial for both the mother and the baby. This position helps to widen the pelvic openings. It also reduces back pain and speeds up the progress of labor. This also helps in relaxing the perineal muscles, which helps to prevent tears. There is also an improvement in the oxygen supply to the baby. If you practice squatting during pregnancy, then it is of great use during labor. When you are in the squatting position, your leg bones act as a lever that widens the pelvic outlet. This allows the baby to pass easily from your pelvis.


Kneeling is another beneficial position, as it eases the contractions that occur in a mother during delivery. It relieves back pain and helps in the turning of a baby lying in the posterior position. This can be done by kneeling on all four legs, or in the knee-to-chest position.


While the sitting position does help to widen the pelvis, it does not do so as much as the squatting position does. The most effective position is the sit-squatting position on a low-stool. The other alternatives include a toilet seat, chair or a birth ball you might have practiced on. If you have taken a pain medication, then sit straddling the birthing bed.

Standing and Leaning:

The labor may progress more efficiently and quickly if walking is done. When you get a strong contraction, move into an upright position. You can stop and lean against the wall, your birth partner, a pillow, table, etc.


Though being upright helps in the progress of the labor, it is impossible for you to stay in that position for your entire labor. You may need rest, so take a break in between the contractions. Lie on your left side and support your body with at least five pillows: one under your head, one pillow to support your top knee, one behind the back and the other under the bulge. These positions help you during the whole process of labor and they can be practiced during pregnancy.
These are some of the birthing positions during pregnancy.

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