Resources for Teenage Mothers

It is hard to become a mom at any age, but it is a tough task when the mother is a young woman, like a teenager, who has barely left her own childhood behind. However, there are many resources for teenage mothers.These resources can help to provide them with the required emotional support and help them learn the skills of motherhood. So, read on to learn about some of there sources for teenage mothers.

What are these Resources?

These resources are people or organizations that give the required emotional support for the teen mother. Here is a list of resources available for a teen mom:

Family and Friends

The primary support for these young moms will come from their own families, like parents, godparents, cousins, aunts and grandparents. These people can provide the moral support as well as do the baby-sitting duties. Parents can guide their teen daughter in the basics of feeding, playing with, and changing the newborn. Friends can give companionship and supportto these teen mothers.

Religious and Charitable Groups

Teens can find additional support from charitable groups and religious organizations. Girls can seek help from their churches, temples, or their own religious leaders who offer support. Some organizations even offer financial assistance. Some charitable organizations, like Birthright International, provide legal and medical referrals as well. They may provide educational help, baby clothes, friendship, and emotional support.

Online Support

Young women can feel connected to other teen mothers through online sites that offer a place to share experiences with fellow teens. Teens can use these sites to blog about their own experiences and even chat with other teen moms.

Government Support

The local and state government can provide needed support to teenage mothers. The Virginia Department of Health,along with community health workers, arranges programs for teen mothers to be mentored throughout their pregnancies and to check on their transitions to motherhood as well. These classes are designed especially for teen mothers to help make sure their children grow up in a nurturing environment.


Teens should check on getting certain benefits, like counseling sessions. The best way is to ask a counselor or a teacher who can provide the required information about what is available in the community. School officials can also guide the teens on balancing the demands of motherhood and the need to finish their education.

These are some of there sources for teenage mothers.

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