Increase Fertility Tips

When you are planning to conceive, you hope to get pregnant as soon as possible. For some of the couples, the wait is just few weeks, for others it may take months and some people have to wait for years. Many couples have problems when they plan to get pregnant and fertility problems are rising in the modern world.

Increase fertility tipshelp in enhancing the chances of you getting pregnant fast, even if you do not have fertility issues. Here are some of the

Tips that may increase your fertility and that provide a strong path for conception.

Increase Fertility Tips for Men and Women

Here are some of the important tips to increase fertility:

Control Your Weight.

Obesity is associated with infertility. Hence, if you are obese, then try and loose some extra pounds as it can hamper your chances of conception. Obesity can cause disturbances in the hormonal balance that can lead to failure in conception. On the other hand, people who are too thin can also have problems related to infertility. Maintaining a healthy weight can help increase your fertility rate.

Get a Preconception Check-up done.

Preconception check-up is needed for both partners. This helps in the diagnosis of any fertility problems which may be treated to resolve fertility issues. If the right drugs are used then it aids fertility by not delaying the process of conception. Without a preconception check-up, you would never know that you have a fertility problem.

Eat the Right Foods.

A balanced and healthy diet is the key for all the health problems including infertility. Some foods boost your fertility like the seeds, nuts, and green leafy vegetables. You need to increase the intake of such foods that boost your fertility rate. In the same way, try to take diary products like cheese and milk in your diet. Fruits like kiwis and yams also increase your fertility rates. Limit the intake of fried and processed foods. Make sure that the food that you take is rich in Vitamin A, C, and E and in minerals like folic acid and selenium for increasing your chances of fertility.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle.

Most infertility problems rise from an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. Some unhealthy habits are high alcohol intake and smoking, which can reduce your chances of conception by 50 percent. Hence, if you wish to conceive and have healthy babies then you will have to quit smoking and drinking. Cut down on the intake of caffeine as high intake can be attributed to infertility.


Exercise not only keeps your body in shape but also promotes both mental and physical health as well. Stress is another dangerous factor that is proved detrimental for conception. Exercise can relieve your body off stress, keep you relaxed and calm. However, avoid overdoing some exercises as it can also have adverse affects on conception.


Age plays another major factor for conception because after the age of 30 for women, it reduces the chances of getting pregnant. There are only 25 percent of chances for you to conceive every month. Another important thing is that a woman is fertile during her ovulation days. These days can be any day between the 12th to 18th day of her cycle. Making love during these days can increase the chances of conception. In the same way, the sperm count is found to be more in the morning and hence making love in the morning can help in conception.

I hope that this article on tips to increase fertility helps you to conceive soon. Even if you are not able to conceive, then there is no problem with either of you and do not hesitate to consult a doctor. However, until then, be patient and let nature take it time for the biological process of conception.

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