Risks for Donors of Egg Donation

The first egg donation happened in 1983. It has been practiced all over the world since then.   In this procedure, the fertilized egg is transferred from one woman to another. However, there are many risks for the donors of the fertilized egg.

Though a risky procedure, egg donation has paved the way for many childless couples to have babies. Even parents who were afraid of genetic disorders started adopting the practice of using a donated egg, which is always carried out under strict medical supervision.  There are several physical and physiological risks involved for the egg donor. Read on to learn some of the risks for donors.

Risks for Donors After Egg Donation

Here are some of the problems donors may face after an egg donation:

Hyper-stimulation of Ovaries

Around 10 to 12% of women who choose egg donation suffer from ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS). This occurs mainly due to fertility medications. There is excessive collection of fluid in the ovaries which flows into the abdominal cavity and can cause many health problems.

Harmful to Reproductive Organs

It may cause harm to reproductive organs due to the medical procedure used to retrieve eggs during egg donation and the medications used. During this procedure, some women may suffer from damage to the bowel, bladder and the reproductive organs. There are also increased chances of infection that could lead to infertility.


The egg donors are often young women who have never had children, which can give rise to later infertility problems. They find it very difficult to conceive and suffer from miscarriages, when they plan to get pregnant.

Psychological Effects

About 20 percent of the egg donors suffer from psychological effects. These can be both negative as well positive. Some women are very happy helping a childless couple, but there are others who suffer from negative emotions such as loss and regret.

Other Side Effects

Some of the other side effects of egg donation are:

  • Pain
  • Bloating
  • Mood swings
  • Cramps
  • Weight gain or weight loss

These are some of the risks to the donors during egg donation.

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