Tips for Preventing Birth Defects

Congenital birth defects affect approximately 150,000 children in the United States. Preventing birth defects starts from the time a woman conceives. Though the exact cause is not known in most of the cases, there are small things that you can do as a mother to protect the well-being of your developing baby. Education and awareness are the basic steps for preventing birth defects.

There are many things that you can do to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. It is can be challenging as it requires you to break certain bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is worth the effort that you put into it, so follow these simple tips to prevent birth defects.

Tips for the Prevention of Birth Defects

Here are some simple tips to prevent congenital birth defects:

  • Maintain or improve your preconception health: take a multivitamin, eat a well balanced diet, and start taking folic acid as well.
  • Avoid harmful substances like tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, and illicit drugs that can potentially cause birth defects.
  • Go for birth defect screening and genetic counseling, especially if you have a family history of congenital defects or if are older than 35.
  • Even when you are planning to get pregnant, you must maintain good health and avoid all the harmful substances to have a happy and health pregnancy.

These are some of the tips for preventing birth defects. Consider genetic counseling or testing if you have concerns.

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