Teenage Pregnancy Health Risks

Teenage pregnancy is often considered to be unsafe both for the mother and the baby. There are many health risks associated with teenage pregnancy that can cause problems for a teenage mother. The only way to prevent these risks is by preventing teenage pregnancies. Here are some of the dangerous teenage pregnancy health risks.

Health Risks Related to Teenage Pregnancy

Here is a list of teenage pregnancy risks:

  • The first problem is that teenage mothers are less likely to gain the required weight in their pregnancy. This leads to low birth weight and high infant mortality rates. They can suffer from complications like respiratory distress, bleeding in the brain and intestinal problems.
  • Teenage pregnant mothers have a greater rate of poor eating habits and are less likely to take the required dose of prenatal vitamins. This can cause health problems to the unborn baby. Teens may be less aware of the dangers of smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs that can cause harm to an unborn baby.

Children Born to Teenage Mothers

Apart from the health risks to the mother, studies show that children born to teenage mothers have a greater chance of suffering from emotional and social problems. Some of the problems are:

  • Children who are born to teenage mothers receive less nutrition.
  • They do not get appropriate health care and do not receive sufficient social and cognitive stimulation.
  • Children born to teenage mothers are at a greater risk of neglect and, in rare cases, abuse.
  • Nearly 13% of boys born to teenage mothers have a difficult childhood and engage in substance abuse later in life.
  • Girls born to teenage mothers have a 22% greater chance of becoming teenage mothers themselves.

These are just some of the teenage pregnancy health risks.

These can of course be avoided by preventing teenage pregnancy in general. It is important to take medical advice and use precautions to avoid teenage pregnancy.

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