Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Cramping

The most common symptom of pregnancy is cramping, which is a cause of discomfort for many women. Early pregnancy symptoms and cramping are closely related because this pain occurs at the back if you have just found out that you are pregnant. When the egg fertilizes and gets attached to the uterus, the uterine shape changes. This results in a cramping sensation in the back. Most of the cramping can be treated with simple techniques like a warm soaking in the bathtub or with a cold or hot compress. Cramps are usually caused due to the procedure of implantation that occurs immediately after fertilization.

Implantation bleeding occurs as a result of the embryo getting attached to the uterine walls. This could result in intermittent bleeding and spotting due to conception. These signs are accompanied by cramping, but you need not worry as it is a sign of conception. Implantation bleeding is light, unlike normal menstruation.

Is Cramping Serious?

One of the early signs of pregnancy is cramping, which is a normal phenomenon that can be experienced by many women. However, cramping can be a serious sign if:

  • You have excessive bleeding
  • Bleeding is dark colored
  • Pain does not reduce after a few minutes
  • You have had previous miscarriages

If you find the above symptoms, then do not hesitate to get in touch with your doctor. This can stop worsening of the condition and could even save your pregnancy. Do not take pills to reduce the cramping pain. There are other signs of early pregnancy, like amenorrhea or missed periods, feeling of tiredness or weakness, and nausea.

Cramping is uncomfortable for most women. However, you need not worry about it until you find excessive bleeding or pain. So, you need to keep in mind that though cramping is a sign of pregnancy, this can be a sign for something serious too and may need immediate medical attention.

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