Relationships During Pregnancy – Tips to Resolve Relationship Problems

There are many marital problems during pregnancy. These occur as a result of a lack of understanding between the couple.  Sometimes even the best of marriages can become stressful in pregnancy. The mother especially has hormonal imbalances that can cause her to become over-emotional, sad, and hard to get along with. But the good news is that resolving problems in a relationship during pregnancy can make you feel much better and happier. This way you can have a stress-free, happy, and healthy pregnancy.

Tips to Resolve Problems in Relationship During Pregnancy

Here are some of the common problems that you need to resolve during pregnancy:


As pregnancy is both frustrating and exciting, you need to have lots of patience and commitment to resolve these issues. Many of the problems will workout naturally, but you will surely need some time to get back on track.

Prenatal depression

To resolve this problem, all you have to do as the father is you need to pamper your wife and give her an opportunity to vent her feelings.  There is no magic to resolve this problem quickly and without any pain. It is impossible to control the hormonal changes, but keep an open mind and have lots of patience. Keep communicating with your wife and give her your shoulder to cry on whenever she becomes over-emotional. This problem reduces by the third month as the baby grows.

Intimacy Problems

As a husband, pamper and remind her how beautiful she is. Due to the weight gain, she may start thinking that she is ugly. You should show happiness by getting closer to her and talking to the baby. The other problem is sexual intimacy. Both partners can be afraid because they fear they may harm the baby. You can consult your doctor and speak about these concerns during pregnancy.

The “Lime-light effect”

Many of the would-be fathers feel alone or disconnected or have a feeling of being left out due to the attention that their wives get during pregnancy. When the attention diverts to the mother, there is a chance that the father might feel jealous. It is very much important to include the father in all the prenatal visits to the doctor, especially when an ultrasound is taken. These are some of the momentous occasions, which occur very rarely. Include the husband during the baby showers and make him open some of the gifts. Sometimes fathers do not want to be a part of the party, but you should show him that you want him to be a part of it. You should remind him that both of you are going to be the proud parents of the unborn baby.

Lack of communication

This can be the hardest or the easiest of the problems to resolve and it depends upon the communication gap that has grown between the both of you. It also depends on how well you both communicated before pregnancy. You need to share all the feelings of panic, stress, fear, and all the insecurities during this phase because holding them in will make matters worse. Sometimes you can see that both of you are stressed about the same problems. Stress is harmful to the unborn baby, so be honest and open when communication can resolve the conflicts.

Resolving financial burdens

This can be the most common problem that every couple faces during pregnancy. Raising a child can be an enormous responsibility, and there are many costs related to rearing a child. You have many years to save up money for the child. You can also apply to government funded agencies who offer assistance for the new parents. Start a savings plan, and you will surely be amazed to find the amount that you have saved during your years.

These are some of the ways to resolve your problems that occur in relationships during pregnancy. Follow these simple tips and have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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