Problems in Relationships During Pregnancy

Even the most happily married couples have to undergo a certain amount of stress during pregnancy. There can be small and common problems in relationships during pregnancy; for example, due to the hormonal changes, the mother can become sad, frustrated, over-emotional, and hard to get along with. The expectant mothers get all the attention. Due to these changes, there can be problems in relationships during pregnancy.

Common Marriage Problems During Pregnancy

Marital problems during pregnancy can range from easy-to-solve problems to difficult and damaging problems that cannot be resolved. Some of the problems are:

Prenatal Depression:

It is common for mothers to have drastic mood swings, and they can even go into a depression. This makes her mate confused as he does not understand what is the reason for such behavior. The communication gets strained and problems arise.


As the pregnancy advances, the mom-to-be gets a feeling that she is fat and undesirable. This makes her move away from her partner, and they do not share the same intimacy. Some fathers think that it could harm their baby, and they do not get intimate with each other. Sometimes men think that their wives are not attractive any more and try to avoid their partner, which can result in a tiff between them.

The Lime-light effect:

Often a pregnant woman gets all the attention, and this makes the father sit back and some become jealous. This can result in a lot of tension between both of them.

Lack of Understanding and Communication:

It is common for the mother-to-be to keep saying, “you do not know what it is like to be pregnant,” and this can make her spouse upset, which makes him respond defensively. This can make both of them angry and breaks the level of communication.

Financial burdens:

Another reason for problems might be wondering how you will be able to afford a child when it is hard to support the two of you. This worry can make you irritated and frustrated, which can result again in problems between the two of you.

These are some of the problems in relationships during pregnancy.  Now since you know some of the common problems, try to avoid such situations and keep a stress-free and healthy pregnancy.

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