Top 15 Tips to Get Rid of Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life and a wonderful journey towards motherhood. However, in the beginning you may have some problems like morning sickness which strikes in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Here are some of the simple tips to get rid of morning sickness and continue this wonderful journey.

Some of the symptoms are nausea, vomiting or fatigue. In extreme conditions also called hyperemesis gravidarum, you may need hospitalization to prevent further worsening of your condition. It can vary from mild to moderate depending on the woman.

15 Tips to Get Rid of Morning Sickness:

There are many home remedies to alleviate the symptoms and minimize the effects of nausea and vomiting.


Eat 4 to 6 smaller, frequent meals instead of three heavy, large meals. An empty stomach can result in low blood sugar levels which in turn can trigger the desire to vomit.


Eat dry toast or crackers at least twenty minutes before getting up in the morning while slightly propped up in bed. Bland foods like pretzels and crackers can also help at any part of the day especially when you are nauseated.


Drink small amounts of water frequently between meals instead of drinking fluids along with meals.


Eat a diet that is high in complex carbohydrates and protein, as both can fight nausea.


Drink lots of water especially if you lose fluids through vomiting. Fluids are easier to get down than solids especially when you suffer from stomach upset.


Fruit juices, popsicles and herbal teas are helpful in battling nausea.


Take your prenatal vitamin supplements to equal the nutrients that are lost due to vomiting.


Avoid the smell, taste and sight of certain foods that give you a queasy feeling.


Try to eat before you suffer a nausea attack as foods will be easier to get down and that will reduce regurgitation


To keep your blood sugar levels stable, you need to munch on snacks to avoid an empty stomach, which triggers nausea.


Eat snacks that are high in complex carbohydrates and proteins before you go to bed.


Try to get extra sleep and relax both emotionally and physically because fatigue can increase morning sickness.


Get out of bed slowly in the mornings as rushing can trigger nausea.


Brush your teeth with a toothpaste that does not give you a queasy feeling. You can also use a good mouthwash after each set of vomiting. It helps to keep the mouth fresh and reduces nausea.


Minimize stress because morning sickness is most common amongst women who are under a lot of stress at home or work.

These are some of the simple and best tips to follow to get rid of morning sickness. You can also exercise to keep yourself active and breathe in lots of fresh air. Prenatal yoga can also be of great help in controlling nausea and vomiting. Morning sickness can occur anytime, not only in the mornings. So be prepared.

However, if you have several severe bouts of vomiting then consult your health care provider for further treatment as the doctor may prescribe medications that can provide you with relief.

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