Symptoms of Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is different and unique for each individual during pregnancy.

You might suffer from many symptoms of morning sickness.

The most common symptoms are nausea and vomiting. They occur mostly during the day time and could last for an hour or can remain for the entire day.
You might have food aversions and the sense of smell is also found to increase. This keeps you from taking foods that can possibly harm your baby. Sometimes, even the smell, thought, texture and look of some foods can increase your gag reflex. Cold bland foods do not have strong smell or taste and can likely reduce morning sickness.

Symptoms of Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is not often severe but if it gets severe then it can lead to hyperemesis gravidarum. This can be serious and can lead to complications. You should consult a doctor to avoid this complication. Here are some of the symptoms of morning sickness:

Heightened Sense of Smell:

The sense of smell increases. This is due to the increase of estrogen the body is producing. You should avoid smells that trigger nausea. You can carry lemon and sniff it when you get a nauseous feeling. The lemon smell relieves nausea.

Mood Swings:

Mood swings are the most noticeable sign. You may see that your mood changes very quickly. You may be happy for a minute and after 30 minutes, you may cry. This happens because of the hormonal changes and is another symptom of morning sickness.

Nausea and Vomiting:

This is the most obvious and common symptom of morning sickness. You may suffer bouts of nausea and vomiting. This is due to the hormone hCG that is secreted only during pregnancy.

You need not worry because there are many cures for morning sickness. You can drink a hot cup of ginger tea. Minimize stress and get plenty of rest. Keep your body well hydrated and stay away from things that increase the feeling of nausea.

Remember if vomiting is severe you need to consult a health care professional for immediate treatment.

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