Is it safe for a Pregnant Woman to Smoke Marijuana?

Pregnant women should be extremely cautious of what foods they consume during pregnancy. Everything a woman drinks, eats or smokes can have an adverse effect on the unborn baby. A woman should eat a healthy diet and must avoid the use of alcohol and other illicit drugs. A pregnant woman must avoid smoking pot because pot during pregnancy can be dangerous for the mother and the baby as well. A lot of research suggests marijuana use during pregnancy can have negative side effects and is not safe.
Negative Effects of Smoking Marijuana or Pot Pregnancy

Some of the side effects include:

The consumption of marijuana can lead to miscarriage according to the American Pregnancy Association. The extreme use of marijuana can also result in premature birth or a stillborn.

Premature Labor
If a woman smokes excessive amounts of marijuana, this may lead to a premature labor. The survival of the baby depends on the duration of the pregnancy. Even if the baby survives, there may be significant damage that occurs to the baby and a premature birth may result in mental or physical retardation.

Low Birth Weight
One of the most common adverse effects is giving birth to an infant who has a very low birth weight. Marijuana has toxins that stop the fetus from getting the needed oxygen that is required to grow. Smoking marijuana can increase the carbon-dioxide levels which reduces the oxygen levels in the baby.

Low Intelligence
According to a research study by Drug Watch International, a child born to mothers who have used marijuana excessively tends to be less intelligent when compared to those children born to mothers who do not smoke marijuana, as the brain does not develop properly. This may lead to lowered mental capacity.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorder)
The effects of smoking marijuana while pregnant are that these children are likely to develop ADHD. The Guardian UK has reported a study that showed a great risk among those children born to mothers who smoke marijuana.

Nerve Damage
The effect of marijuana can impair the development of the brain as this restricts the normal functioning of the natural compounds in the embryonic nervous system of a fetus. This disturbs the formation of the brain and various networks of nerves.

These are the side effects of smoking marijuana during pregnancy. You cannot reverse the side effects but you can prevent further damage by not smoking marijuana. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and visit your doctor for regular prenatal visits.

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