Unique Ways to Announce Pregnancy

There are many ways that a woman can let others know that she is pregnant. You can use your own creative ways or use one of the following simple ways to announce your pregnancy to your near and dear ones.

Scare your Parents
If your parents are not heart patients, then you can try something daring. Go to them and tell them with a sullen face that “I am in love with someone else”. When they give a shocking expression, then you can finish the sentence by stating that “He or she is inside me and is three weeks old”.

Caught in the Act
One of the funny ways is with the help of a camera. You can invite your family and friends for a dinner and then assemble them for a photograph, Just before the camera is clicked, scream out that you are pregnant. The expressions found will be very valuable and you can preserve this photo and have a good laugh over it for the years to come.

Wear it on Your Sleeve
Wear T-shirts that have catchy slogans and that can grab the attention of everybody. If you are going to a friend’s place then you can make your husband wear a shirt that states “Dad in the making”.

Picture Perfect
Take a picture of the ultrasound and send it to all your family and friends. You can make copies and send it by post or upload a copy and e-mail it to all your near and dear ones.

Circle it Out
Another creative way is to announce the pregnancy with the help of a calendar. Just circle your due date and ask your parents what day of the week is the tenth of June and watch them turn the calendar in disbelief.

These are some of the unique ways to announce your pregnancy. Follow these or use your own creative ways to announce your pregnancy. Have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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