Urinary Tract Infection During Pregnancy – Treatment and Prevention

Urinary tract infections are very common in women between the ages of 20 to 40. According to the American Medical Association, 25 – 35 percent of women who are pregnant suffer from this infection. In most of the cases, the organism responsible for this infection is Escherichia coli. Some of the signs are burning urination, an intense urge to urinate and an increased frequency for urination. This infection can be treated and prevented by consulting a medical practitioner, who can prescribe antibiotics to treat this infection.

Urinary Tract Infection during Pregnancy – Treatment

  • UTI’s can be treated safely with the help of antibiotics during pregnancy.
  • Only a doctor can treat this infection effectively without complicating the condition.
  • Antibiotics are prescribed by the practitioner depending on the severity of the infection.
  • The mode of treatment also depends upon the type of organism that is causing this infection like whether it is bacterial or viral.
  • These antibiotics are prescribed for a week or sometimes for a short span of three days.
  • You should visit your doctor if you have lower stomach pains, fever with chills, nausea, vomiting and contractions.

Prevention of Urinary Tract Infection during Pregnancy

Sometimes you may take every precaution but still suffer from urinary tract infections. In such cases, you can reduce the infection to some extent by following simple remedies at home. They are:

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and try to take unsweetened cranberry juice daily.
  • Avoid refined fruit juices, fruits, sugar and alcohol.
  • Develop the habit of urinating when you get the urge to empty the bladder instead of holding it.
  • Take vitamin C, zinc, and beta-carotene to fight against the bacterial invasion.
  • Urinate before and after having intercourse.
  • After urinating, dry your genitals and keep the genital area clean. Wipe from the front toward the back.
  • Change underwear everyday.
  • Do not soak in the bathtub for more than 30 minutes everyday.
  • Wear cotton underwear
  • Do not wear tight fitting pants.
  • Avoid the use of strong douches, feminine sprays, soaps, powders and antiseptic creams.
  • Avoid intercourse when you have urinary tract infections.

Pregnancy is a wonderful period and you need to take care of yourself and the baby as well. So, if you suffer from UTI symptoms, seek medical treatment and take preventive measures to avoid further complications.

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