Top 55 Tips for a Healthy and Fit Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or trying to become pregnant? If you are pregnant then you must know that pregnancy is a joyous and incredible period. But it is important to realize that the health of your baby is directly related to your health. Therefore, it is important for mothers to maintain a healthy and fit pregnancy. Here are some of the top 55 tips for a healthy and fit pregnancy.

55 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Here are some of the important things that every woman who is planning to get pregnant or is pregnant should follow. They are:


Consult a health care practitioner before getting pregnant and even after becoming pregnant.


Change your unhealthy food habits and start to embrace healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.


Exercise is the most important thing as it keeps you fit during pregnancy and reduces labor complications.


Learn about pregnancy by educating yourself about what is going on inside of you. Consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.


Try to eat a new vegetable or fruit that you have never had.


Check out a book with information on pregnancy to keep nearby if a question arises.


Quit smoking! If you smoke as there are many programs that will help you stop smoking.


Take the needed prenatal vitamin that can be prescribed by your gynecologist.


Ensure that you vitamins contain folic acid, which is an important component to reduce congenital birth defects.


Take help from your partner by asking him to join you in your new healthy habit changes.


Keep a track of your menstrual cycles as this helps you to determine the accurate date of when you conceived. This helps in calculating the due dates accurately.


Try to find a gynecologist even before you become pregnant.


Ask your friends or relatives about pregnancy and parenthood.


Try to avoid chemicals found at your work place, home or environment as they could harm the baby.


Brush your teeth daily and go for regular dental check-ups. Studies have shown that dental health can be an indicator of pregnancy complications.


Prevent exposure to harmful diagnostic tests if you are pregnant, such as x-rays, since they expose you to radiation.


Stop disposing cat litter as the exposure can harm the fetus.


The normal period to get pregnant is up to one year and if you have been trying actively to become pregnant for more than a year or if you are above 35 years of age then consult a practitioner.


Even when you are trying to conceive, stop the intake of alcohol because alcohol can cause congenital birth defects.


Be sure to get enough rest, even if it means taking short naps when you feel tired.


Announce that you are pregnant only when you are ready.


Talk to your parents and know their experiences because you can learn lot from them. Certain pregnancy traits are hereditary.


Another excellent way is to start you own pregnancy journal or blog. This may help during future pregnancies.


Use simple home remedies for the treatment of nausea, constipation and heartburn. Avoid medications that can harm the baby.


Drink plenty of water – at least six to eight glasses of water everyday.


If you are nervous about the pregnancy, try to do activities that keep you calm. Try reading to take your mind off of things.


You can also join exercise or pre-natal yoga classes.


Keep going for regular check-ups because even if you have any problems it can be treated at the earliest. This prevents further complications.


You can start going for pregnancy classes with your partner that will educate you on what to expect.


Remember to eat an extra serving of fruits and vegetables every day during pregnancy. Do not overeat as some women tend to.


Do a small research on different birth facilities if you are not planning to have a home delivery.


Watch for premature labor and it signs. Call your doctor immediately if you experience any of the signs.


Talk to your local doulas, which can help in the birthing process.


Try keeping a food journal to know whether you are meeting the daily requirements to keep you and your baby healthy.


When you are decorating your house, always remember to prevent fumes that come from wall paper and paint. Keep the windows open if you are doing such decorative work.


You can learn a lot by babysitting for a friend’s baby if you have never cared for a newborn.


Sign up for childbirth classes.


Swimming is a great way to relieve stress and exercise if you are experiencing aches and pains, especially late in pregnancy.


You can also go for breastfeeding classes to prepare you for feeding your baby properly.


Stretch before going to bed as it prevents leg cramps.


You can continue exercise until the last trimester as it helps you recover easily.


If you have a birth plan, write it down to show your doctor before the birth.


Try to do relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises at least once a day.


Pelvic tilts can be done as it helps to relieve back pain that occurs in late pregnancy. This also assumes a good birth position for the baby before birth.


Pack your bags when you are in your last trimesterif you are going to a hospital for delivery. Remember to take the pre-registration forms and insurance cards, camera, and birth plan.


Observe for the signs of labor and be active and aware of the changes that occur in your body.


Some women enjoy taking pictures of themselves at various stages before the birth of the baby.


Relieve stress by listening to soft music.


Read other women’s birth stories, which can be inspiring and educational.


You can talk to your baby while in the uterus. Studies have shown that the babies may get used to your voice this way.


Do not take over the counter medications or herbal therapy without consulting a medical practitioner.


Wear a seat belt when you are travelling in any vehicle for safety, even if it is uncomfortable.


Change your wardrobe and get clothes that fit you and make you comfortable.


Wear shoes that are non-restricting and that fit your feet correctly to prevent swelling of the feet and ankles.


Enjoy every moment of this special time and have confidence in yourself for the ability to nourish, grow and give birth to your baby.

These are some of the simple tips that you can follow to have a healthy and fit pregnancy. So, eat healthy foods, think positive, be happy, and exercise. Another important thing is to consult a practitioner if you have any doubt or if you find any abnormal signs. Always remember that you are carrying another life within you, so take care of yourself.

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