Pregnancy in the 14th Week

This week begins your second trimester and big developments are happening with your baby. Your baby can frown, pee, grimace, squint and sometimes suck its thumb. You may also have slight relief from the fatigue that you have had during the first trimester. You may experience some pains as the belly pushes the internal organs to one side.

Significant Changes in the Fetus

Some of the changes that take place in the 14th week are:

  • The facial muscles are forming.
  • The baby’s kidneys are producing urine that is released into the amniotic fluid.
  • Your baby is between 3.2 to 4.5 inches from the crown to the toe, that is about the size of a lemon.
  • Your baby may weigh up to 9 ounces by this week.
  • The baby’s body is growing much faster when compared to the head.
  • The arms have grown in length but legs are still in the growing process.
  • The fetus starts to have ultra-fine downy hair that covers the body, called the lanugo.
  • Bile is secreted by the liver and the spleen helps in the production of red blood cells.These are some of the signs that the internal organs of the fetus is developing.
  • Though you cannot feel the movements or kicks of the baby, the hands and feet are active and flexible.
  • The baby may also have hiccups though the lungs are filled with fluid.
  • The baby may develop hair on the eyebrows and scalp.

Changes in the Mother

Some of the changes in the mother are:

  • You are in your second trimester and you may feel better than the previous weeks due to incurred morning sickness.
  • The breasts may be less tender and other feelings of uneasiness also reduce, except for few unlucky ones who may still have these symptoms.
  • Your baby pushes the belly outward, which results in pushing the internal organs to one side.
  • You may suffer from indigestion, heartburn, and flatulence.
  • The top part of the uterus is slightly above the pubic bone.
  • You many urinate more frequently.
  • Sleeping can be difficult because your baby bump grows.

These are some of the changes that take place in the 14th week of pregnancy. You may be happy to see the baby bump as it is an evidence of the baby. All you have to do is be happy, take care of yourself, and enjoy this amazing journey to motherhood.

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