Strep Throat and Pregnancy

Strep throat is an infection caused by bacteria called streptococcus and is seen during pregnancy. This bacteria attacks the mucus lining of the larynx, pharynx and tonsils. As with any illness during pregnancy, strep throat symptoms need to be recognized and monitored.

Symptoms of Strep Throat during Pregnancy

Strep throat is diagnosed very easily during pregnancy. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Excessive sweating and decreased energy
  • Reduced appetite followed by nausea
  • Fatigue and extreme weakness
  • Difficulty in consuming and swallowing food
  • Inflammation of the throat and mild swelling near the neck region
  • Breathing difficulty and mild to moderate trouble with respiration
  • Mucous secretions from the mouth while coughing
  • Enlargement of the lymph nodes and tonsils
  • Fever, headache and abdominal pain

This disease can cause much restlessness because of severe coughing. When you experience these symptoms, consult your doctor immediately to prevent worsening of the condition.

Diagnosis of Strep Throat Infection

This infection can be diagnosed through a throat swab analysis.

Antibiotics for Throat Infection during Pregnancy

  • A doctor may prescribe antibiotics for the treatment of this infection.
  • These antibiotics must be consumed regularly to treat the strep throat infection.
  • For some patients, a doctor can prescribe anesthetic throat sprays that reduce irritation and pain in the throat.
  • Antibiotics must be taken with great caution especially during pregnancy, because they can be detrimental to the baby.

Home Remedies for Strep Throat during Pregnancy

There are many home remedies for this throat infection, but the best remedy is to gargle with warm saline water. Garlic is another effective remedy that helps reduce some symptoms. Other simple home remedies are:

  • Boiling ginger in water and drinking it warm gives instant relief.
  • Drinking chamomile tea; this is another natural analgesic that reduces pain and fever.
  • Drinking lemon tea along with cinnamon is a good herbal remedy.
  • Gargling with warm water and a mixture of garlic and cayenne pepper can be helpful.

.Strep throat during pregnancy can be cured at home. But if the symptoms are very serious, then seek immediate medical help before they lead to complications.

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