Quitting Smoking While Pregnant and its Risk Factors

Smoking while pregnant can increase the risk of many factors like abnormalities in the placenta, low birth weight, premature birth, sudden infant death syndrome, limb-reduction deformities, childhood allergies and asthma. Those babies who are exposed to nicotine are more likely to become adult smokers. There are some risks involved in quitting smoking suddenly during pregnancy.

Risks of Quitting Cold Turkey

Those women who are very heavy smokers are at risk of suffering from seizures when they quit smoking suddenly. There is a speculation that nicotine withdrawal symptoms, like emotional stress, can lead the chemicals in the mother’s blood to cross the placental barrier and cause fetal distress. It is also said that those women who smoke heavily are at a higher risk of having seizures if they quit smoking. Cold turkey is nothing but the sudden and complete withdrawal from any addictive substance.

A Safer Route

Tobacco should be weaned off slowly. So, instead of stopping it all of a sudden, do it gradually. To reduce the risks, try to get down to five cigarettes a day and to reduce the harmful chemicals from smoking, light only the cigarette tips. According to the Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health, talk to the baby as this results in reassurance and creates awareness that promotes bonding. This releases hormones in the mother’s blood, which reaches the placenta and provides a sense of wellbeing to the baby.

Reverse The Risk Factors

Do you think it is easy to reverse the adverse affects caused by quitting smoking?  It is not an easy task as smoking can result in flooding the bloodstream with the poison gas carbon monoxide. Chlorophyll present in parsley, spinach, kale, dark green lettuce and spirulina improves the iron cells that carry oxygen in the blood. Fresh juices or raw spinach can be made as a juice with vanilla, bananas, dates and water for a green, yummy smoothie. Start slowly and then increase the amount you have.

Natural Remedies for Nicotine Addiction

Glutamine is another amino acid that reduces the craving for nicotine. There are no side effects related to glutamine during breastfeeding or pregnancy. But consult your doctor before taking glutamine.

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