Quitting Smoking while Pregnant

When a woman who smokes knows that she is pregnant then she must stop smoking immediately. But, some of the aids used for quitting smoking can be dangerous and may cause harm to the baby. Quitting smoking while pregnant is not an easy task but not tough either. There are many ways to quit smoking without much stress in your life. It will surely take some time to stop smoking, but until then you should take the required measures or precautions to stop smoking for good mental and physical health. When you plan to quit smoking while pregnant, use natural methods.

Instructions to Stop Smoking While Pregnant

Some of the instructions to stop smoking are as follows:

  • When you are trying to stop smoking, use fat drinking straws or chew on them. This keeps your mind as well as your hands busy. This chewing of the straw can be done for a long period of time, which helps in curbing the desire to smoke.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol and caffeine especially during pregnancy. When you are strongly on a mission to quit smoking, alcohol and caffeine can make you crave nicotine. It is always better to drink non-alcoholic beverages during this phase.
  • When you have a strong urge to smoke then try to find a hard candy. Drink lots of water as you suck on this hard candy, and your hands should be busy with the straw. Always remember to keep your hands and mind busy when planning to quit smoking.
  • Eat foods that are healthy, like those which have low fats and calories, especially when you are quitting smoking while pregnant. You can gorge on saltine crackers, carrot sticks, yogurt and fruit as these are beneficial for morning sickness as well.
  • Try to participate in hypnosis to stop smoking. This could be done by visiting a professional hypnotist or can be done with self-hypnosis. These procedures can be repeated more than one time during pregnancy.

Quitting smoking is difficult but definitely worth it for the health of your baby and yourself.

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