Signs of Pregnancy in the First Month

Your body does give you a few signals to let you know that you are pregnant. If you are aware of these signs, it will make it easier for you to recognize the fact, that you are with child. You will want to also have a pregnancy test done, but often women will suspect they may  be pregnant due to these signs and that will motivate them to check for sure if that is the case! It is a very exciting time in a woman’s life to realize that she has conceived a child. . The signs mentioned below are mainly caused by the pregnancy hormones that are released in the body from the time the embryo implantation occurs.

Signs of Early Pregnancy

Here is a list of signs that occur in the first month

  • Mood Swings:

These come just when you are expecting your period and these signs are not recognized very often.

  • Spotting:

Very light and occurs when the embryo implants on the wall of the uterus

  • Stomach Cramps:

Along with breast tenderness, one might suffer from menstrual cramps which can go on for longer. This can be accompanied with a late period.

  • Breast Tenderness:

This can be more extreme and a confusing sign. You can see veins on the breasts and nipples tend to become darker.

  • Fatigue:

Your body works extremely hard to develop the baby and this causes some fatigue.

  • Frequent Urination:

This is caused by the kidneys that work harder to process the excess body fluids that are collected during pregnancy. This could also be a result of the hcg hormone released during pregnancy.

  • Food aversions and cravings:

Many people might have heard of food cravings. During pregnancy you may start hating those foods that you loved to have before pregnancy. That is what is meant by aversions to certain foods.

  • Morning Sickness:

This is usually in the mornings that you may experience nausea, but can occur at other times during the day.

  • Heartburn:

This another sign caused by the hormone progesterone and another reason might be caused by the baby putting pressure in the abdomen.

  • Feeling faint:

This is also caused by the effects of progesterone, which relaxes your blood vessels that lowers the blood pressure. Thus, fainting or dizziness occurs.

  • Constipation:

Progesterone is another factor for constipation because it is a muscle-relaxing hormone and acts on intestinal muscles by slowing down the system.

  • Increased sense of smell:

This is an affect caused by hormones again but, this time it is the rising levels of estrogen in your body during pregnancy.

  • Increased Hunger:

It is also described as incredible hunger because some women suffer from excessive hunger during pregnancy, since a woman needs to nourish herself and her unborn baby.

  • Headaches:

There are many reasons for headache like some may be stress, increased blood volume, hormones are another  factor, hormones also can be another factor for headaches.

  • Thrush:

This can occur rarely, and it happens due to hormonal imbalances.

  • Backache:

Lower backache is another negative sign that is seen due to the progesterone hormone. It loosens the pelvic ligaments resulting in pain and instability.

  • Missed Period:

Some women might mistake mild spotting for their period.

These are some of signs pregnancy in the first month. These may not necessarily be pregnancy symptoms but can also be the signs for other medical conditions. So, when you find certain changes occurring in your body, the first thing is to consult with your family doctor.

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