Preparing for Twins, Triplets, or more

Start as soon as Possible!

You may very well have less time to plan, since it is common that mothers of multiples to deliver 1 to 3 months earlier. It means that you will have less time to prepare the nursery, stock up on essentials, and clothes. You may still be getting past the initial surprise that you are really carrying more than one baby!
Car seats are number one on to-do list

You will need one new car seat for each baby. Make sure the car seat is good for 0 – 25 lbs. Do not purchase ones that are for  5 lbs- 25lbs. If you have preemies, they may be less than 5 lbs, and you would not be able to use them to get your newborn babies home.

Protect your self in case of the worst would happen, but keep preparing the best you can.

Anyone can tell you that it is tough to start preparing for any birth until you are pretty sure that the pregnancy is going alright. There always is the fear of miscarriage. Unfortunately, you won’t have much time to prepare, so you may not want to go crazy with decorating the Nursery and painting balloons on the wall just yet. You may opt to just get bassinets at this point rather than cribs. There are special bassinets made for twins. They take up less space then cribs would, and your babies will be close at hand. Check the policy on returns at the store you purchased them and even leave them in the box and keep the receipts safe until you get the assurance you need from your doctor. You could do the same with the car seats.  Hopefully you wouldn’t need to ever have to take them back. It is easier to prepare that early even then to wait too long to shop for what you will need, since sometimes mothers need to have more bedrest in their fourth month which is especially the case with triplets or quads.

Stock on the Essentials

It will be hard to run out with two, three, or more babies to pick up diapers. Stock up on them. You may even want to order over Amazon or other websites and have them delivered to your house during those first few months. If you are not breastfeeding or if you are breastfeeding and supplementing, stock up on formula. Your doctor’s office may have free samples of formula. Ask if you can have any free samples that they could give you. Buy a bottle of lotion for each baby, and a few refill bags of baby wipes.

.Find Support

Let your friends and family help you in anyway they can. You will need extra hands and extra rest after the babies arrive. Look for support groups for mothers of multiples. Your hospital may have information on local groups. There are also online support groups. has one. Sometimes you can find used furniture and strollers. I have a friend who had quadruplets and did find a stroller which had been advertised at our local hospital.

Some Time for Yourself

If you can even take a weekend get-away or go to a spa. Try to give yourself some special time to just be.

Sitter or Nanny

If you don’t have family around, or your family members are unavailable to help. You may want to take some time to interview someone to help you out either once in a while, or in the case of triplets or quads, maybe everyday.

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