Constipation Relief During Pregnancy

It isn’t enough to get morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn, and bloating, you may also have to fight constipation. Fortunately, the joy pregnancy brings far outweighs even the discomforts we endure during it!

Treatment for Constipation During Pregnancy

Some of the simple ways to relieve yourself from constipation are as follows:

Hydrate your Body

This is an important step in treating constipation during pregnancy. When the body is well hydrated, it softens the stool and helps in the easy passage of stools. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day, and also include many vegetable and fruit juices. Prune juice is one of the best juices that helps in relieving constipation. You can take buttermilk in your daily diet for problems related to constipation in early and later phases of pregnancy.

Eat a Diet High in Fiber

Whole grain food like whole wheat bread, pasta, and brown rice are excellent sources of fiber. Fiber rich cereals are an excellent way to start the day, and try making some trail mix with your favorite dried fruits and nuts. Sunflower seeds are delicious and excellent fiber, so are pumpkin seeds. Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries also have great fiber content and are especially good fruit to choose if you need to be mindful of your blood sugar levels too.


Probiotics are beneficial bacteria which help regulate your digestive system and strengthen your immune system. Foods that contain probiotics are kefir and some yogurts. Also nutritional yeast can be purchased at most pharmacies and health food stores. Take one tablespoon nutritional yeast and mix it with milk. It has a malt flavor and is a wonderful  supplement to help regulate your digestive system.

Exercise Regularly

It is recommended not to do strenuous exercise during pregnancy, but it is always important to follow a mild exercise routine. Talk to your health care professional for what sort of exercises are recommended. These exercises will certainly help in digestive problems. You can select low impact exercises. Some of the low impact exercises include swimming, walking, pregnancy yoga and etc.

Changing Prenatal Vitamins

Some of the prenatal vitamins have iron as their ingredient which is one of the reasons for constipation among most of the pregnant woman. You can always ask the Health Care Provider to switch your vitamins to ones that contain less iron, as long as you are not anemic.

Avoid Processed, Refined, and Fatty Foods

Try to stay away from fatty  foods and  foods made out of refined white  flour. Avoid the intake of cheese and reduce your sugar intake too.

There are some over the counter laxatives which are not recommended by obstetricians, Make sure to call your doctor’s office and ask what is safe to take. Try the natural remedies first, before you resort to medicine, but if they don’t seem to do the trick, make that call to your doctor.

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