Vitamins to Help you get Pregnant

When you are trying to get pregnant, it is important to pay attention to your intake of vitamins and nutrients. Getting right amount can help you ensure that your body is in the best shape to conceive. Here are some vitamins and minerals that may be helpful in promoting fertility:

Folic Acid:

Women are advised to take folic acid to prevent birth defects. Not only does it prevent the occurrence of spinal defects, but it might also improve fertility. Men should also take folic acid to maintain the number and quality of their sperm. Dark green leafy vegetables like broccoli and spinach are great natural dietary sources of folic acid.

Vitamin B6 and B12:

Vitamin B6 and B12 are part of the B-complex family, which are needed for healthy reproductive systems. Vitamin B6 helps increase fertility rates in women and B12 helps men with lower sperm counts.

Vitamin C for Men:

Vitamin C deficiencies can lead to the clumping of sperm, which can result in infertility. Increased amounts of vitamin C can help smokers because this vitamin neutralizes the chemicals from cigarettes that are also found in smokers’ semen. Research shows vitamin C reduces the clumping of sperm and also improves sperm count, its viability and mobility.

Vitamin C for Women:

Vitamin C helps women increase their chances of conceiving. Some natural dietary sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits and juices like orange (one orange contains 70mg of vitamin C), strawberries (five strawberries have 51mg of vitamin C), and broccoli (a half cup of broccoli has 62 mg of vitamin C). You can also take vitamin C supplements.


Zinc helps maintain testosterone levels in men. Low levels of testosterone can affect the sperm count. Seafood and other meats are also great sources of this mineral. It can also be found in wheat germ and whole grains. However, high levels of zinc can have a toxic effect so you should consult your doctor before taking zinc supplements.


Selenium also helps increase the sperm count in men. Some great dietary sources of this mineral are tuna, red meats, enriched pasta, chicken and whole grain bread.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E has found to be very helpful in conception. Men should take vitamin E if they are planning to undergo in vitro fertilization with their partners. Check with your doctor before taking these supplements. Wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds and oil as well as almonds are an excellent dietary source of this vitamin.

If you are planning to conceive, consult your doctor and ask about taking these vitamins and minerals.

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