Tips for Dressing During Early Pregnancy

When you are pregnant for the first time, you may rush to the nearest maternity store at the first sight of a baby bump. But you should hold off on any big purchases of maternity wear until you need it. It’s difficult to determine how large your belly may become! Here are some simple tips for dressing before you need maternity clothes:

  • Check out your own wardrobe and make sure you have comfortable clothes for work and home.
  • You can continue to wear dresses that are below the knees in length to allow for your expanding belly.
  • During the first trimester there may not be obvious changes to the shape of your body. When you start feeling your clothes are too tight, you can simply buy clothes that are larger than your normal size.
  • Pack away any pants that you feel are tight on you. Stick to fabrics with stretch in them.
  • Buy clothes that are transitional and will be comfortable to wear throughout your pregnancy.
  • Maternity clothes range from bargains to designer styles.  Regardless of cost, focus on pants that have elastic waists and drawstring ties.
  • You can purchase a two piece bathing suit with a bottom skirt and a top if you want to swim throughout the pregnancy.
  • Think about your undergarments too. Buy a larger bra if the one which you are using is too tight because as the pregnancy progresses, your breasts will get bigger.
  • Replace the normal control-top pantyhose with hose that does not have a spandex panel.

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