Foods that may help your fertility

When you are planning to conceive, try to consume foods that are rich in vitamins. A healthy diet helps make a healthy woman, and healthy woman is more likely to be more fertile. Here are a few food tips for a healthier you!

Finding food that could increase your fertility

  • Pay attention to protein.  Getting the right amount of protein as part of a balanced diet helps regulate your body systems.  Limit your intake of red meats, and be sure to include some vegetable protein.  Beans with rice, tomato and roasted red pepper make a delicious, healthy meal.
  • Learn about zinc.  Zinc is a mineral essential to the function of many body enzymes.  It also plays an important role in your immune system, is needed for DNA formation, is vital to wound healing, and supports growth and development during pregnancy and during childhood.  Foods rich in zinc include chicken, crab and turkey.
  • Vitamins B12C and E as well as iron all play a role in your fertility. Foods like apricots, fish, tofu, green leafy vegetables, pastas and iron fortified cereals can be of great help when planning to conceive.
  • Dairy may play a role in fertility. If nothing else, it helps you get plenty of calcium, and calcium is essential during pregnancy, for both you and your unborn baby.  Yogurt, milk and cheese are all great dairy sources of calcium,.
  • Enjoy mono-unsaturated fats. Olives, peanut butter, avocados, nuts and olive oil are all rich in mono unsaturated fats and in Omega fatty oils.

Stay hydrated: Drink when you are thirsty, and try to avoid drinks containing caffeine.  Fruit and vegetable juices, water and milk are all great choices.  As a note, be careful with green tea.  While green tea is a great anti-oxidant, it also interferes with folic acid absorption.  Folic acid is essential to a baby’s spinal cord development, and folic acid deficiency is linked to spinal bifida, a serious and debilitating birth defect.  Since the spinal cord is formed before most women even know they are pregnant, having adequate levels of folic acid in your blood even before your conceive is essential.  Keeping your body and mind healthy and stress free are great ways to help increase your chances of conceiving!

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