Depression due to Infertility

Infertility is a complex and frustrating issue.  Many couples struggling with infertility may find themselves battling depression.  Depression can have serious physical as well as emotional health impacts.  Some things to note about infertility-related depression:

Depression due to Infertility

  • Depression due to fertility problems can be difficult to treat as many women (and men) find that they are too embarrassed, both by their lack of fertility and by the depression itself, to talk about their troubles.
  • As with any other type of depression, the affected people tend to withdraw, turning their focus inward and isolating themselves from family, friends, and social activities.
  • Many couples so strongly define a happy, complete family as including children that the inability to conceive a child makes the couple believe their family can never be whole..
  • Feelings of blame, guilt and self-doubt grow with each month that passes without new life beginning.  When other family members are anticipating a baby with the same eagerness as the prospective parents, a failure to conceive can put even more pressure on an infertile couple, as they start to take on everyone else’s disappointment as well.
  • If infertility persists beyond attempts at treatment, a woman may begin to doubt her obstetrician, and she may stop seeking treatment, which actually decreases her chances of conceiving. Miscarriage is difficult and depressing for any woman, but it is especially difficult for women who have been trying to conceive for a very long time.  To have what they want most in the world for a short time, then to have that joy destroyed, can be overwhelming and can send a woman into a deep depression.  Men, also, can experience strong emotions and depression over the loss of a pregnancy
  • Sometimes, a couple becomes so deeply isolated from each other that they stop being intimate, and in some cases even divorce. Therefore, it is very important for couples trying to conceive to be aware of the depression that can come from infertility, to recognize and to watch for the signs of depression, to maintain an open and honest dialog with each other, their families and their doctors, and to seek treatment if depression starts to set in.

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  1. ummm- Adoption is as hard as infertility. I adopted from foster care and we got a boy of eight. He was special needs. He said some stuff to authorities and did things to family that made us have to go to court. I won't go into it. It is too painful and some is sealed. he is the joy of my life, though and I would never give him up or give up on him. He has come quite a way. Now he tries. Two years ago he didn't care. It is better. What I'm trying to say is adoption isn't all butterflies and popsicles and cuddling.

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