Safely Exercising in the Third Trimester Exercising Safely During Your Third Trimester

Exercise is beneficial at any stage of pregnancy. Keeping your body moving can help ease pregnancy pain. The third trimester is no exception, though there are a few important safety tips to keep in mind. While you needn’t spend all your time on the couch, you shouldn’t try to run marathons either. A healthy balance of exercise and rest is best.

Third Trimester Exercise: Things to keep in Mind

  • Do not lie flat on your back. The pressure and weight of your uterus and baby can reduce the circulation to the baby.
  • When working your abdominal muscles, try to be creative, and do not strain.
  • Standing cat-cows (basic yoga poses) and pelvic tilts are two good exercises.
  • .Avoid too much bouncing or jumping.  While the baby is pretty well cushioned in your uterus, any large amount of jostling could be rather uncomfortable for both of you.  Plus, as you near delivery, your ligaments and joints will start to relax, making it easier to injure yourself if you land incorrectly.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights and be careful when performing moves that need a lot of balancing; again, your body is changing as delivery nears. Pushing yourself too much could result in an injury.
  • Monitor yourself as you exercise, and go slowly. If you feel dizzy or light-headed, stop.
  • Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is important, especially on the hotter days.
  • When you are exercising in hot weather, keep your outside activities to a minimum. Raising your body temperature too much can be dangerous to the baby.  Pregnant women are advised to avoid hot tubs and very hot baths for the same reason.
  • Pay attention to your nutrition. Exercising during pregnancy is not about losing weight, it’s about being healthy. Food is fuel, for both you and your little one, and you’ll both need plenty of fuel as you head into labor.

Extra Third Trimester Tips

  • Remember your warm-up. A slow transition into exercise can help prevent injury.  A short, brisk walk is a good example of a safe warm-up. Elliptical training, speed walking and swimming are all excellent low impact third trimester workouts. Remember, you can get a good aerobic exercise without stressing your joints or pushing yourself to exhaustion
  • Body weight exercises such as squats, lunges, plank pose and kneeling push-ups are good for strengthening the muscles

Following the above tips can help you to have a healthy pregnancy and to stay physically fit. As a bonus, being in better shape means you’ll burn the pregnancy fat faster after the birth of the baby!

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