Fetal development in the 15th Week

When the fetus is in the 15th week that is in the second trimester, the fetus undergoes lots of changes. Your baby is very very busy and some of the changes include sprouting hair, eyes and ears are moving into the correct place. The fetus starts to swallow and suck. You might be more curious why there is a slight increase in the abdominal size. This is because of the growing fetus and if you hold a large naval orange in your hand, you might be surprised to know that the size of the fetus in the 15th week is the same as the naval orange.

Fetal Development in the 15th Week

Some of the changes that occur in the 15th week include:

  • In this week, the baby is about 4 inches long from the crown to the rump and can weigh about 21/2 ounces. The body starts growing faster to catch up with the growth of the head.
  • The legs have grown longer than the arms and can move all the limbs with ease.
  • Movement of the baby can be felt like the fluttering of the butterfly’s wings.
  • You may not be able to feel the movement, but the baby can kick, twist, flail, turn and dance around the womb.
  • The skin of the baby is translucent and if you could look into the womb, then you could see the blood vessels present under the lanugo-covered skin.
  • Lanugo is the hair that keeps the fetus warm and insulated.
  • This is shed before or after birth.
  • The nails of the fingers and toes begins to grow.
  • There is a growth of the hair on the head and eyebrows are also developed.
  • The hearing sensation is not developed, but the middle ear begins to harden.
  • Sweat glands starts to form and the taste buds also starts to develop.
  • The eyelids remain closed, but bright lights are felt by the fetus.

These are some of the significant changes seen in the fetus in the 15th week.

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