5 Great Snacks for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when you start thinking of the concept of nutrition and your health. In previous years, women were told that they were supposed to eat for two, which would end up giving the pregnant woman permission to consume too many calories. Unfortunately, this is a myth and puts a strain on their health and that of their babies. Protein is the best choice for a snack because it is the building block of all the cells and it also helps moms when they are nauseated or even fatigued. Recent studies show that pregnant women need 1 extra snack daily (an additional 300 calories per day) for the healthy growth of the baby.  Here are some favorite snack combinations that can make up the extra calories required.

Crackers and Cheese:

These are great ways to include some fiber and protein into your diet. The combination of whole grain crackers with a few slices of cheese on can really boost those energy levels. Today there are lots of different crackers available at your local supermarket, even newer versions of the old favorites which contain less fat.


Nuts are rich protein powerhouses. Carrying a bag full of nuts is an easy way to have a snack on hand, as they do not require preparation or refrigeration. At times, a woman can have certain cravings for pecan or almond nuts, but in fact any nut that is available is acceptable.

Fresh fruit:

Every day in the morning, have a piece of fruit like an orange, banana or an apple as they too do not require any preparation.

Hard Boiled Eggs:

These come under the category of compact snacks and can be carried where ever you go. Eggs are the easiest way to increase the protein levels in your body.

Dips and Sticks:

Celery and carrot sticks are also another great way of snacking. The most commonly used ones are broccoli, carrots and other veggies which you can use with dips. Try hummus, bean dips and other sauces over the vegetables.

These different yummy snacks are easy to prepare, help with the calorie factor and also help in the growth of the baby in the womb.

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