Week by Week Changes in the Seventh Month

The seventh month is the most crucial period for the baby as the development of the brain takes place. There is only three months left before the birth of your child. If you have a premature delivery in this month, then there is a good chance the baby will survive. By the end of this month your baby can detect light and dark and can hear voices outside mom’s body. This month is the beginning of the third trimester and lasts from the 27th week to the 30th week.

Week by Week changes in the Seventh Month

The changes that occur in the mother during this period includes:

  • Week-27:

    The 27th week marks the beginning of the third trimester, and this stage will remind you that you are nearing your delivery date. Women now need 300 to 350 extra calories per day. Eat a healthy and balanced diet to maintain good health. Keep an eye on the weight gain pattern, and if it is excessive or low, visit your doctor. You can enroll for different childbirth classes beginning in the 27th week.

  • Week-28:

    You will continue to gain weight, and you need to undergo regular checkups. You may have problems with heart burn because the uterus is growing against the stomach. Other trials include insomnia, leg cramps, and fatigue. During the third trimester, a woman can gain 17 to 24 pounds of weight. Continue to do light exercises, if your doctor recommends them for you.

  • Week-29:

    By the 29th week of pregnancy you will have gained 19 to 25 pounds. Your ankles and face may swell due to excessive water storage. Some may also suffer from difficulty breathing. If you have severe constipation, then reduce your intake of iron under your doctor’s guidance. Keep yourself hydrated to avoid dehydration and constipation. To avoid muscle pains, practice correct posture while sleeping, sitting, and walking.

  • Week-30:

    By the 30th week the expectant mother may feel restless. The mother may experience mood swings and emotional changes at this phase. Many pregnant women feel slow and clumsy due to their bulging belly. Maintain a positive attitude and a balanced diet to remain healthy. Try to relax at this phase to keep you and your baby healthy.

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