Natural Laxatives for Constipation in Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be the most wonderful time in a woman’s life, but there can be a number of problems related to it as well. One such problem is constipation. This is a common problem that almost every woman faces, but instead of taking medications, some natural treatments can help to relieve constipation. There are some natural laxatives that can be a perfect solution.

Natural Laxatives for Constipation in Pregnancy

Laxatives help to loosen the stool for easy passage. Natural laxatives are herbal and do not usually have any side effects, but still consult your doctor before taking these natural laxatives. Here are some of the natural laxatives. They include:

  • Water:

    Water is the best remedy for moving hard stools. Water hydrates your system and puts pressure on the organs for the stools to be pushed out. If you drink 8–10 glasses of water daily, then this helps in flushing the toxins and keeps your system clean.

  • High Fiber Diet:

    A diet rich in fiber is a good option as fiber absorbs more water and makes it softer, bulkier, and easier to pass. Foods that are rich in fiber include artichokes, apricots, soy flour, soy beans, apricots, chick peas, barley, dried figs, and apples.

  • Exercise:

    Cardiovascular exercises and yoga (depending on the stage of pregnancy) can help in the circulation of the blood throughout the body. This helps to flush out the toxins and keeps the digestive tract clean.

  • Prunes:

    Prunes can be eaten cooked or raw and are considered as the best solution for constipation. They take in water and make the stools softer, helping in the easy passage of stools.

  • Oils:

    There are some oils, like mineral and castor oil, that can be used for constipation. These oils stimulate the colon walls and lead to bowel movements. Consult your doctor before taking these oils.

These natural laxatives help in the cure of constipation, but it is better to prevent constipation in the first place. Do not use too much of these laxatives as they can affect your pregnancy depending on your condition.

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