Night Sweats During Pregnancy

Night sweats are more commonly observed among pregnant women and although sweating excessively is not an alarming condition, it does disturb a good sleep. Sweating is a response of the body to a humid or hot environment. Sweating profusely in pregnancy is not normal and is considered as a perspiration disorder.

Causes of night sweats in pregnancy

Imbalances in the hormone levels during pregnancy can cause excessive sweating. The changes in the level of hormones can be considered as one of the adverse effects of pregnancy. This can result in severe sweating.

Why hormonal imbalances lead to night sweats

When the hormonal levels in the body are normal, the brain works efficiently in regulating the body temperature. During pregnancy, studies show that there is a decrease in the estrogen levels that regulates the menstrual cycle. The part of the brain that is responsible for regulating the body temperature functions only when the hormonal levels are normal.

When the estrogen levels reduce during pregnancy, this affects that part of the brain which is responsible for the regulation of the temperature. This results in the rise in body temperature which is seen in the form of excessive sweating.

How can we manage profuse sweating at nights

Night sweats can be annoying and make a pregnant woman uneasy. Women can take simple precautions like not wearing woolly or tight clothing. They should opt for light clothing, as it provides more comfort. The room that she sleeps in should be ventilated and should not be congested. Air conditioners or air coolers can be used to cool the room.

Treatment for night sweats

The treatment includes the use of certain medications that can stop night sweats during pregnancy. Consult your doctor before taking any medication during pregnancy.  Otherwise, eat healthily, partake in gently, regular exercise and, drink water, avoid alcohol and do not smoke.

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