Bloating as a Symptom of Pregnancy

Bloating is a very awkward feeling that occurs when there is gas present in the intestinal cavity and it makes your abdomen feel full. This condition is also called flatulence or gas and is experienced by many people, at many times in their lives. The main causes are consuming gassy foods or improper eating habits. The other reasons include swallowing air that occurs when breathing through the mouth, consuming soft drinks and chewing gum. Bloating of the stomach is a common symptom seen very frequently during the months of pregnancy.

Causes of Bloating during Pregnancy

Bloating is one of the earliest and the most common symptoms of pregnancy. This occurs in the first and the final trimester. Bloating during pregnancy is a natural medical condition and the causes of this disorder include:

Hormonal Changes

The hormonal levels in the body keep fluctuating which causes side effects and certain medical conditions in pregnancy. Progesterone when produced excessively leads to the relaxation of certain muscles in the body, and this includes the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. This slows the process of digestion that results in bloating, gas and digestive problems after eating large meals.

Enlarged Uterus

When the uterus grows during pregnancy, the overgrown uterus fills the abdominal cavity which results in an increase in the size of the abdomen in women. This condition slows the process of digestion and pushes the stomach which leads to bloating.


There are a few foods that are called gassy foods, and these may lead to bloating in people. When these foods are consumed even in moderate amounts, they produce gas in the intestines. Dairy products top the list of gas producing foods and other foods include cabbage and cauliflower. Food products like whole grains, rice, peas, corn and white bread cause bloating. If a woman has wheat and lactose intolerances, then this can also cause bloating. There are certain medical conditions that cause bloating like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and dyspepsia.

Treatment for Bloating during Pregnancy

The treatment plan for bloating includes:

  • taking laxatives that can relieve constipation.
  • don’t eat in a rush; slowly consume your food to prevent gas buildup.
  • eat a variety of vegetables which have many nutrients for a balanced diet.
  • walking plays an important part in digestion.
  • if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, then consult your doctor and follow his advice.
  • if you take medications for gas or indigestion, then follow the instructions carefully.

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