Week by Week Changes in Pregnancy – Sixth Month

Congratulations! You are now in the second half of your pregnancy, and have started setting up your baby’s nursery. By now, you may have found out the sex of your baby (if you and your partner want to know early), so you are filling up the room with blue or pink decor and lots of clothes and baby accessories. Partners, family members, friends and even strangers can feel the regular kicks and flutters of the baby. You may be sporting your maternity clothes and taking birthing classes for the upcoming birth. There are many changes that occur in your body and in the growing fetus.

Week by Week Changes in the Sixth Month

The changes that occur in a women during the fifth month include:

  • Week-22:

    In this week, the baby is growing rapidly and the development of the organs and other features takes place gradually.There is an increase in blood pressure as the baby needs more nutrition from the mother. Your baby is almost a foot long and weighing in at two pounds. In many women, depression may set in, and for this reason the mental health of a women should be taken care of.This depression can be very harmful for the fetus. Light exercises must be done and lifting heavy weights and strenuous activities should be avoided. For most women, this time in pregnancy is one of the happiest.

  • Week-23:

    There is a steady growth of the baby at this point. Problems or discomforts include fatigue, cramps in the legs, vaginal discharge and frequent urination. In some cases, there is a formation of hemorrhoids that can cause anal bleeding. Rest is advised and stress in any form should be avoided. Problems like anemia, hemorrhoids and high blood pressure should be taken into account, and treated properly.

  • Week-24:

    Pregnancy in the 24th week can lead to indigestion,frequent urination and heartburn.These discomforts occur as a result of pressure on the uterine wall. A woman can experience contractions called Braxton Hick’s contractions; these are not harmful for the baby. The other changes in the body of the pregnant woman are dryness of the skin which causes itchiness. Habits like smoking and alcohol should be avoided.

  • Week-25:

    Pregnancy in the 25th week shows the belly looking like the size of a soccer ball.There may be small changes like a reddish color discoloration in the abdomen, breasts and hips. There are many ointments and creams that reduce these marks. Take in more fluids as there is an increase in the hormonal and the metabolic rate during this week. Contractions may be experienced but they are not true labor pains.

  • Week-26:

    Pregnancy in the 26th week is the last phase of the second trimester. A pregnant woman displays a bulging tummy, and she may experience Braxton Hicks contractions every day. She may gain 20 to 23 pounds of weight, but this weight gain is normal in pregnancy. Sufficient rest should be taken during this time as relaxation and sleep help to maintain good health. Abstain from smoking. To relieve pain you can do some mild exercises. Visit your doctor regularly and stick to a balanced diet.

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