Week by Week Changes in Pregnancy – Eighth Month

During the eighth month of pregnancy, the fetus reaches maturity. Doctor visits may increase to twice a month and there will be routine checkups. You may experience vigorous kicking and your baby is rapidly gaining added weight during these last few months of pregnancy.

Week by Week changes in the Eighth Month

The changes that occur in the body of the mother include:


Pregnancy in the 31st week reaches a vital stage and during this phase, the mother and the baby gain rapid weight. Women gain weight between 21 to 27 pounds altogether, and may experience severe back pains. Changes in the breasts are noticeable. A white yellow substance called the colostrum is secreted and this may continue for several days.Wear loose fitted clothes or maternity clothes, and visit your doctor regularly. Maintain a healthy diet.


The baby’s weight increases slightly faster and hence the weight of the uterus also increases slightly faster. Some problems include discomfort while breathing, sitting, sleeping and walking. A woman must be very careful at this point, as a baby can be born even at this stage. Women also suffer from insomnia and other problems like bleeding gums, backache, fatigue and constipation. In this month, the blood volume of the mother increases because there is a large amount of blood loss while giving birth.


Pregnancy in the 33rd week means the baby is still gaining added weight..The mother should be watching her diet during her pregnancy. The problems faced are similar to the previous week. A proper diet and some relaxation techniques can solve any small problems at this point.


In this week, the baby may gradually grow stronger and the mother suffers from breathing problems because the size of the uterus grows more, which results in the baby pressing on the diaphragm. When the diaphragm is compressed, the lungs do not expand well which results in shortness of breath. It is difficult to take a deep breath. The body changes and gets ready for the upcoming delivery. To relieve breathlessness, sit in a propped up position as this helps in lung expansion.


In this week you will observe that the distance between the belly button and the top of the uterus develops to six inches. You will have a weight gain of twenty four to twenty nine pounds. You may suffer from shortness of breath. During this period, the mother should keep a note of the baby as thisdecreases at the end of the eighth month. In case you fail to feel the required number of movements you should contact your physician.

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